Should My Child Apply?

Little girl Smiling in Class

A right-to-attend school is determined by a family’s address and the feeder pattern of the student’s current school. Use the School Finder to find your right-to-attend school.


Submit an application if you want your child to be a NEW student at a:

  • Participating public charter school for any grade (PK3–12)
  • DCPS school outside your boundary or feeder pattern for any grade (PK3–12), including DCPS citywide schools
  • PK3 or PK4 program at any DCPS school, including your in-boundary school and any DCPS Early Action PK school
  • DCPS selective high school or program (grades 9–12)

You do NOT need to submit an application if your child will:

  • Attend a right-to-attend DCPS school for grades K–12
  • Remain in his or her current school (Contact your current school to re-enroll.)