Which school will

your child call

My School?

DC residents have many public school options. Finding the best fit for your child just got a lot easier.

For this coming school year (2014–15), DCPS and participating DC public charter schools will have a common application and a common lottery. Find everything you need right here to learn, apply, and enroll.

The Lottery for Round 1 is done. What happens next?

If your child was matched with a school through Round 1 of the lottery, to accept your match you must enroll your child by May 1.

If your child was not matched with a school, you can apply to additional schools for Round 2 of the lottery. Your child will stay on the waitlist of schools you applied to in Round 1. You also can apply for Round 2 if you did not apply in Round 1. The deadline for Round 2 is May 15. Apply now.