Ida B. Wells Middle School

Ida B. Wells Middle School

DCPS School

405 Sheridan St. NW 202-671-0693

8:55 a.m.-3:25 p.m.

School does not meet the minimum population size to generate a STAR rating.
Ida B. Wells Middle School

Ida B. Wells MS is a new middle school that will open with a founding 6th grade cohort of students. Our school will add a grade year until it is a full 6th - 8th middle school in SY21-22. Ida B. Wells MS will be a comprehensive middle school with a rigorous and robust academic program, including school-wide enrichment learning experiences focused on social action. We provide a loving and challenging environment for all, incorporating strategies that are developmentally relevant for adolescent students.

Advanced Placement
Blended Learning
Interscholastic Sports
Online Learning
Restorative Justice Program

• As a social justice enrichment school, our students have multiple opportunities to engage in service learning projects called enrichment clusters.
• Ida B. Wells MS is located in a fully modernized building with state of the art rooms, an indoor courtyard and upgraded outdoor ground.
• Ida B. Wells MS will serve the Brightwood EC, LaSalle-Backus EC, Takoma EC and Whittier EC school communities in northern ward 4.


School opened in 2019

School opened in 2019 School opened in 2019
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Waitlist offers made by October 2019
Federal and District law require equal access to services for students with special education needs and English Language Learners. For additional information, please contact the Office of the State Superintendent of Education at (202) 727-6436 or at [email protected].

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405 Sheridan St. NW

Ward 4

Ward 4
52, 54, 59, 62, 63, 70, 79