Common Lottery Board

My School DC is governed by the Common Lottery Board, established by the FY15 Budget Support Act with representation from both DCPS and participating public charter schools. A Parent Advisory Council and committees of participating LEAs provide input to My School DC and the Common Lottery Board to inform the design of the process and parent outreach efforts. The board meets quarterly and the meetings are public. For additional information, email [email protected].  



  • Paul Kihn, Interim Deputy Mayor for Education (chairperson, voting member)
  • Daniela Anello, DC Bilingual PCS (voting member)
  • Hilary Darilek, E.L. Haynes PCS (voting member)
  • Juliana Herman, DC Public Schools (voting member)
  • Claudia Lujan, DC Public Schools (voting member)
  • Susan Schaeffler, KIPP DC PCS (voting member)
  • Colin Taylor, DC Public Schools (voting member)
  • Catherine Peretti, My School DC (non-voting member)
  • Lenora Robinson Mills, DC Public Charter School Board (non-voting member)
  • Shana Young, Office of the State Superintendent for Education (non-voting member)

Upcoming Meetings


2019: May 6


Meeting Minutes